It’s homecoming season and we all know what that means… we will be inundated with all the wonderful photos and videos that are shared on social media.

However, this story deserves to be shared for all the right reasons.

This story comes out of Forrest County Agricultural High School in Mississippi. Brittany Walters was a member of the school’s homecoming court along with Nyla Covington. However, Brittany’s mom had been battling cancer and sadly lost the fight earlier in the morning. Still, Brittany went to the game and stood on the field to fulfill her commitment and make her mom proud.

Nyla Covington stole the show as she was crowned Homecoming Queen but after Nyla received her crown, she turned and gave her crown to Brittany. You can see the video below that was shared by @wdam on Twitter.

While this story isn't local to Lafayette or the Louisiana area I think this is a good reminder that at the end of the day kindness is what matters.




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