Is this Joe?

A photo of Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow from his younger days has surfaced on social media (in various groups) and now many of us are digging for our own high school prom photos.

Ken Davis posted the photo, which you can see below, and in it is his daughter with Joe Burrow.

The two are about to be on their way to celebrate prom and now Davis has the bragging rights to say that an NFL QB took his little girl to prom.

Davis says in his post, "My wife and I are one of a few people in the world (if not ONLY) who can say their daughter went to the senior prom with a national champion and a Heisman winner."

With much of the state of Louisiana cheering for the former LSU Tiger this weekend, looking back on his younger days is special.

Burrow will lead the Bengals into the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, with the winner going to the Super Bowl.

One more thing, Davis says that he is a huge Bengals fan, so how cool is that his current QB once stood in his own house, while waiting to take his daughter out to prom?

As for Joe when he was younger, he had the same swag back then that he does today.

Very nice.

Faceboook via Ken Davis
Facebook via Ken Davis

Since we're looking back on Burrow's younger years, how about this photo of him in the mirror?

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