If you have photos on your iPhone that you want to keep private, the HiddenVault app is free, simple to set up and in under a minute you will have photos and videos hidden from everyone who doesn't need to see them.

HiddenVault is not just for naughty photos and videos, but for images, you need to keep hidden for legal purposes, sentimental reasons or just because. They'll be password protected or even multi password protected if you'd like. You can even use Face ID and Touch ID to lock your albums. Your photos and videos will be safe.

Hidden Vault App
Hidden Vault App

The app was developed by Kyle Allen used a military-grade encryption system, according to TurboFuture.com. The quantity of photos and videos you can store is unlimited and everything is privately backed up on iCloud.

Allen made sure to have all the photos and videos stored in the app protected from hackers and himself. That's right, unlike some apps, developer Kyle Allen can't access your stored images either. HiddenVault is like a bank vault for your personal images.

Almost every photo or video you take or transfer to your phone is kept on your phone's photo library. These days a 6-year-old can get into your iPhone's photo library to view or steal those images. But not if you have HiddenVault.

Reclaim your privacy. Make your important pics and vids 100% secure by downloading the free HiddenVault app to your iPhone. HiddenVault is trusted by millions and has a 5-star rating. It's available in the App Store for all iPhones with IOS.


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