"Back to School" has been a really weird thing in 2021. With last year's virtual learning, staggered school schedules, and delayed openings, higher education was quite unusual and stressful. But, this week brings the first day of school for a lot of Acadiana kids, so I thought I would pass along some things that might make it just a little bit easier. We're hoping this year is going to be much smoother, and more fun for our children. They deserve it.

Lifewire has found some amazing back to school apps that are not only pretty cool, but also free. Some of them are listed below.  I've also included some fun and functional apps that I've discovered, and hope you like as much as I do. They're below as well. Y'all have a wonderful school year, kids.

  • My Homework. All your homework and schedule planning in one convenient place. It also tracks assignments and gives due date reminders.
  • Chegg Prep. A crowdsourced study library that has over 4,000 virtual flashcards, notes, and study tips for students of all ages. Over 15 million students are already online with this one.
  • Quizlet. You can create your own flashcards, tests and games, and the app is even available in dozens of languages.
  • Dictionary.com. Dictionary and thesaurus combined to give you access to over two million words. Voice search capability makes it super easy to use.
  • Easybib. Great resource for all things bibliography. Also checks for plagiarism and grammatical errors
  • Evernote. We use this at the radio station! Nothing will fall through the cracks with this guide to note taking and to-do lists.
  • Science Glossary - wish they would have had this when I was in school!
  • Team Snap - keeps up with all your kids sports schedules, scores, and events. You can also share photos from games
  • Shakespeare - now you can actually look up all those archaic words and phrases that the Bard so famously wrote about. Don't tell anyone, but you can also find "cuss" words, in case you want to hurl that perfect Victorian insult.
  • ArtKive - allows you to save all the adorable drawings from your kids, without all the massive clutter



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