An Ohio man has reportedly received a Citizen's Award from the local Sheriff's Office after video of him running down a man who had just snatched an 87-year-old woman's purse went viral. 27-year-old Deshawn Pressley is being regarded as a hero and even got to share a special moment with the woman whose purse he retrieved.


The report says that the viral incident occurred at a grocery store in Butler County, Ohio. 87-year-old Pat Goins was shopping that day when 58-year-old Derek Vaughn reportedly attempted to take the woman's purse.


Video shows Vaughn running out of the store, but shortly after being tracked down by the hero of this story - Deshawn Pressley. Pressley had apparently witnessed the purse-snatching and decided to go after the criminal.


It didn't take long for Pressley to get his hands on the criminal. As he wrestled the man to the ground, more people started to notice the incident unfolding.


Thankfully, Pressley was able to keep the culprit apprehended until authorities arrived to the scene. Derek Vaughn was arrested and charged with robbery and theft.

See the full video of the incident plus the hero being recognized via @dacvenewworld_2 on Twitter below.

See the Facebook post from the Butler County Sheriff's Office with more photos below.

It is really cool to see a hero like Pressley get recognized for his actions. You can see in his smile how happy he was to be able to assist a person in need. As you can see in the video, Goins was over the moon that not only was Pressley able to get her purse back but he was also recognized by the Sheriff's Office for his heroism.

Folks on social media are recognizing the good deed done as well. See reactions to the story from Twitter below.

It's really gross that there are people out there who would actually take something from an elderly person like that. But it is quite settling to know that heroes like Pressley are around to step up when someone needs help.

So bravo to you, Mr. Pressley. Your actions not only helped an old woman get her purse back, but the viral video of the incident is showing that there are many good people around ready to help at the drop of a hat.

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