Play time almost turned into a deathly situation when a 7-year-old boy from Florida ended up in the back of a trash truck after climbing into his Grandmother's trash can. Thankfully, a vigilant sanitation worker was able to turn off the truck's blade before the boy was hurt.

You can see the full story from @NBCNews on Twitter below.

According to the report, the young Florida boy, named Elias Quezada, was enjoying his play time outside when he decided to climb up and into his Grandmother's trash can. What he was not aware of was that the particular day he decided to jump in this peculiar place also happened to be trash pick-up day.

But sanitation truck driver, Waldo Fidele, kept his training top of mind and watched every can get dumped into his truck through a surveillance camera. When Fidele saw the unusual sight coming out of the trash can that the boy was in, he immediately shut off the truck's blade and kept the boy safe.

The reports say that the boy seemed to be happy when the truck driver found him, but Quezada said, "I got picked up and thrown to where I was going to be a mashed potato".

There are a lot of reasons not to hang out inside of a trash can, but this has to be number one on that list. This story makes me think that it may be a good idea to remind your little ones to stay out of the trash can when they go outside to play!

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