The world of Tik Tok has once again adorned us with a wonderful challenge that many of you have already tried or after reading this brief narrative will want to find a partner to try it with. The premise is simple, can you lift someone while they have their fingers under your chin?

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No, the challenge doesn't explain why you'd like to attempt to do that, it simply says to give it a try. And at first blush, a larger, stronger individual should be able to reach out to a much smaller and presumably lighter individual and lift them. The lifter will place their hands under the armpits of the "to be lifted". This usually goes off without an issue.

But when the smaller individual places just two fingers under the lifter's chin, all of the sudden their ability to lift the smaller person goes away?

So, what just happened? Did someone suddenly turn gravity on high? The answer can be found in physics.

Look closely at the video above. When the larger man is lifting the smaller woman, make a note of how much space there is between the two people. Now, when she puts her hand under his chin all of the sudden he is further away. This variance in distance is all that it takes to make the young woman "too heavy" for the young man to lift.

Here's another challenge you can try that's along the lines of "Battle of the Sexes". It's the chair lifting challenge and it's something that women can do but men seem to struggle with.

This one involves a person standing right up against a wall. They then take two "foot length" steps back away from the wall. The then lean over putting their head against the wall. They then attempt to lift a chair to their chest and then stand straight up.

Women can do this one and men cannot. It has to do with the way a woman's body bends and curves and the distance the man has to step back from the wall. We men tend to have big feet you know.

So, there are two challenges you can try at home and in both cases, it appears as if its the women that come out on the winning side.

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