If you are mad about the ending of the LSU game, you can contact the Southeastern Conference and voice your displeasure.

The LSU Tigers wrapped up the regular season with a very controversial loss to the Aggies of Texas A&M. I watched the game from start to finish and enjoyed 90% of this incredible game. But the officiating at the end of this game determined the outcome. And this was horrible officiating. You will even hear these complaints from non LSU fans.

The final score was 74-72 after 7 overtimes. But this game should never have gone to overtime and Tiger fans are furious. But fans from across the nation are not happy about how the officials changed the outcome of the game.

Here are just a few of the thousands of comments on social media:

"From a lifelong Ole Miss fan, you guys were robbed in the 4th. Should have been back in Louisiana with that win."

"LSU won that game 4 times."

"Aggies had the 13th man who wore stripes."

"As a lifelong Vols fan, you guys got cheated. Hang tough you had a great year."

"All I can do is laugh. It was that bad."

The game lasted 4 hours and 53 minutes and is the highest scoring game in FBS history. In case you missed it, here are highlights of the game.


If you want to voice your displeasure about the officiating, you can contact Greg Sankey, the SEC Commissioner at (205) 458-3000. If you can't get through on that #, try (205) 949-8960 You can email Sankey at gsankey@sec.org. An alternate email address is secu@sec.org

A&M Coach Jimbo Fisher talked about the game after celebrating with his team.

While Fisher is happy about the grit his team showed during the marathon game, LSU coach Ed Orgeron is quite upset about how this game ended and he says the one second put on the clock at the end of the game should not have been put on the clock and was "very unfair to our team." Check out Coach O's disappointment after the game:

The Tigers finish the season 9-3 and now wait to find out where they will go for a bowl game. The Bayou Bengals will likely fall out of the top 10 after this loss.

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