I'm planning a vacation this summer that involves air travel. How about you? It seems flying has become an ordeal in recent years. Overbooking, cancelled flights, and heightened security have made a pleasant experience a seeming rarity. You can, however, reduce the stress of air travel...

Here are some "Do's":

#1 Pack your liquids in the top of your carry on. That speeds the inspection process.

#2 take a bathroom break before you board. Does this require ANY explanation?

#3 place your "essentials" where they'll be easy to reach. You don't want to be digging, or climbing out of your seat to access overhead storage.


#1 Don't underestimate the crowd at the airport. If you mistakenly believe the crowd will be thin, you could miss your flight.

#2 Don't drink the water on the plane. Test have demonstrated onboard drinking water is contaminated as often as not. Buy a bottle in the terminal.



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