Does your man often complain about money? Whether it's the high cost of living, the high cost of the power bill in the Summer months, or just how much money you spend on clothes we've got a fact that will stop him in his tracks.

There is one simple behavior that your man can change that will result in a $3,000 savings over his lifetime. Assuming you don't kill him because he won't do this that means you'll pocket the extra cash too.

You'd think with the advent of modern technology and smartphones this would no longer be an issue for men. According to studies it still is. It's one of the few things that even the most solid of married couples will argue about. It's also the reason that many vacations and family outings are often followed by hard feelings, pouting, and a general sense of discourse.

What is this one behavior that the average man could and should change to add an additional three grand to his bottom line? Studies show that the average man will waste 3,000 bucks on getting lost and not asking for directions. That is based on lost time and wasted fuel.

Speaking as a member of the male gender I have to say I will not sell my man card for 3,000 bucks. I will find where I am going and you will be quiet while I find it.


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