My family, "Team Falcon", puts on the Annual 'jeep jaunt' to benefit the American Lung Association each year.  It's a huge endeavor, taking up a number of weekends and late-nights, so we decided that we'd get together for something other than 'jeep jaunt'.

We are going to the beautiful Audubon Park in New Orleans on Saturday to participate in the Lung Force Walk, and we'd like your help.

It's really cool when people can come together for a common cause.  To be a little selfish about it, I like the fact that it is fun, I get to hang out with cool people and experience much more than if I were at home on my sofa.  The "giving" part of it is that it benefits a great cause.  The American Lung Association's mission is, basically, to eradicate lung disease.  We lost our mother to asthma, so supporting the American Lung Association is very personal to us, as we'd like to help keep others from suffering as she did.


So, here's where you come in.  We've set up a walking team, "Team Falcon", to participate in the event.  You can join us that morning, or you can go online to donate to help us reach our family's goal of $1,000.  I am going to guess that at least 300 people will read this post: if each of those people give just $5, we would surpass our goal easily!

So if a Saturday morning in a beautiful park in New Orleans, walking (and talking and laughing and cutting up and being with great people) for a cause appeals to you, please join us!  If not, please consider donating to help us reach our goal!