When this video first starts, one is inclined to think that he is referencing the coronavirus; actually, he's trying to stop the spread of fear.

Prince EA posted the video to his Facebook page, and it's gone viral. Take a look:


While it is important to protect yourself from the coronavirus, it's even more important to protect your loved ones from the coronavirus. Protecting your loved ones begins with protecting yourself, and then doing everything within your power to help those around you avoid becoming exposed to the disease.

On top of protecting ourselves and each other from the virus itself, we also need to help stop the spread of fear. While some news agencies put out headlines that may evoke fear, that is not their intention: they are really trying to educate and inform the public. There are, however, some individuals and groups who DO try to intentionally spread fear: they post memes or stories that try to lay blame or politicize the coronavirus to further their own agenda. If you read something online that causes you to become angry or afraid, please make considerations before sharing.

Remember to ask these questions before forwarding or "Like"-ing or "Share"-ing or "Retweet"-ing a post, story or meme: Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it necessary? If there is a "No" answer anywhere in there, then don't post it.

Unless it's a picture of your dog. Always post pictures of your dog.

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