Reports are out that there will soon be government hearings concerning recent activity surrounding GameStop stocks. The decision comes after the House Committee on Financial Services revealed that it would, "probe recent market instability".

Check out the story from @nypost via Twitter below.

If you need a quick explanation on what is happening in the stock market right now, you can find one HERE.

According to the report from @nypost, both the House and Senate will hold hearings on the recent activity in the stock market as it pertains to the recent activity between large hedge-fund traders and small retail-investors.

All of the online buzz surrounding the stock market got big figures in the political world talking throughout the trading period today.

Check out what @AOC had to say about it all on Twitter.

A Twitter post came from @tedcruz later on that showed he agreed with his counterpart from across the aisle.

While @AOC wasn't necessarily happy with @tedcruz jumping into the conversation, that is for another post.

With politicians on both sides of the aisle now weighing in on the current state of the market, the U.S. government will take the time to analyze everything going on with the current battle of 'Big Guy vs. Little Guy' in the World of Wall Street.

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