As Tiger Woods completes his first round at 'The Masters', 'HBO' released a trailer for a two-part documentary about the golf phenom's life. The trailer, that focuses on the youth and career of Woods', will give you chills.

@HBO posted the trailer to Twitter and you can watch it below

Smart move by 'HBO' to drop this trailer as Tiger Woods was on his way to shoot (-4) 68 for round 1 of 'The Masters' today.

Talk about CHILLS going down my arms listening to Woods' Father narrate the trailer for this sure-to-be amazing documentary on the life of one of the world's greatest athletes of all time.

The trailer shows clips from Tiger Woods' youth, an appearance on 'Oprah', his growth into a young professional, as well as some darker times in his career and personal life.

If there was anything to make me root harder for Tiger to take a repeat victory at Augusta National for 'The Masters' this weekend, it was this trailer.

No matter if you are a golfer or not, you know who Tiger Woods is and just how influential his career has been for so many around the world. This documentary will be a MUST-WATCH when 'HBO' releases it in January of 2021.

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