There is a "National Day" (not an official holiday, it's more like "National Ice Cream Day" or whatever) for naming your car. It's October 2nd; "National Name Your Car Day".

Americans seem to have a love affair with vehicles. We have television shows that center around General Lees, KITTs, and Robin Masters' Ferrari. Movies galore, from Herbie the Love Bug to The Fast & The Furious (aren't we up to Part 23 by now?), and Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang. A multi-million-(maybe even -billion)-dollar book industry that centers around vehicles that gets its own section in bookstores and libraries. Museums often have displays with placards that read "This is the car that _______ drove".

But, I digress: I would guess that with so many vehicles in this world, most are just another tool for us to use to get through our daily grind.

I've never named a car I've owned. My first car was a 1972 BMW that I purchased in Germany when I was in the military. I paid $300 for that car in 1989 ($300 was about half of my take-home pay for the month), and I'd have to stop at the gas station to buy oil more frequently than fuel. I did, though, name the helicopter assigned to me while stationed in Germany: the Ginsu III (I was a helicopter mechanic in the military, and my bird had what we call a "blade strike" - it sliced and diced some trees, so Ginsu III fit well).

I asked around the office if anyone named their vehicles, and here are the responses



So, how about it: have you named yours? If not, you have until October 2 to get it done.


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This is not the first time that we have moved her and it won’t be the last. The good thing about the moves so far is this: we are getting better at it.

The past 3 moves have been from a smaller-to-bigger place, so this move from a bigger-to-a-smaller place has been the most challenging. Again, we learn a little bit more each time we move her.

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