When do you apply your deodorant?

The reason I ask is that I recently read that you should NOT be applying your deodorant immediately after you shower.

So you ask, when should I apply my deodorant? Well, according to a dermatologist, Dr. David Pariser, you should apply your antiperspirant deodorant at night!

Yes, right before you go to bed, apply the deodorant and you'll be set for the next day. The reason why you should apply prior to bed is that you are less likely to sweat while asleep.

When you sweat, your body does not absorb the antiperspirant like you may want it to, thus you aren't as protected.

So, if you apply it prior to falling asleep, your body can absorb the antiperspirant to better protect you the next day.

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We will note here that when you apply your deodorant after your shower, you are not fully protected from any body odor that you may emit.

Again, you're wet and the water from the shower can prevent your deodorant from being fully effective. But what about showering the next morning after you have applied your deodorant?

The good news, your body has already absorbed what it needs from the night prior to protect you the next day.

So, think about it, and the next time you go to apply your deodorant make sure you are thoroughly dry at the time of applying and think about what you may be doing thereafter.

And if you already knew this, why didn't you tell me about it?


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