There's a heat advisory here in Acadiana, but by this time next week, we may be looking to break out the gumbo pots. The latest 10-day weather forecast shows a possible cool-front hitting South Louisiana, with temperatures possibly dropping below 70 degrees.


I am going to come right out and say it. It's hot.

I have lived in South Louisiana nearly my entire life and in no way, shape, or form has my body gotten used to the deadly combination of heat and humidity that Acadiana has to deal with throughout the majority of the year. You can count on either rain or heat waves every day during the summer in Cajun Country, but all of that may be changing in the coming days.

See the full 10-day forecast with temperatures dropping significantly via Chief Meteorologist @robperillo of KATC-TV3 below.

The 10-day model shows temperatures at a high of around 92 degrees to round out this week, but they drop all the way down into the mid-60's come next week. Now we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, but everyone in Acadiana has one thing in mind when they hear about cooler temperatures...

Our other friend from KATC-TV3 @jimhummel asked the question that we were all thinking on Twitter.

If the temperature drops below 80 degrees at any point in the coming weeks, you can bet your bottom dollar that people around Acadiana will be breaking out the gumbo pots. Even the slightest cool breeze warrants a chicken and sausage gumbo here in Cajun Country, even if its in August.

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With the latest stint of daily-rain immediately followed by extreme heat, people across Acadiana are counting on Mr. Perillo's latest weather report to come true. I think we can all agree that a sunny and 72 degree day here in South Louisiana would be greatly appreciated. Even better if the temperature falls below that.

I had the pleasure of DJ-ing a daytime event this past Sunday in Lafayette and I believe every single conversation I had revolved around the heat. Everyone's brains were cooked to a point where the only words that would come out described how hot it was outside. Let's hope the cooking that happens next week is in the form of a homemade roux and some rice.

Will Cajuns ever get used to the heat we endure throughout the summer? No, probably not. But, if Mr. Perillo's latest weather report comes true, you will have a lot of happy people here in South Louisiana - even if the cool front only lasts for a day or two.

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