Most of us here in south Louisiana have made a trip or two down to beautiful Grand Isle. We've enjoyed the fishing, crabbing, hanging out at the camp and maybe even made it out to the beach.

In my years of going to Grand Isle, I've never thought, "Dang, let me take my clothes off and frolic on the beach!"

Apparently, that has happened recently.

Grand Isle State Park took to social media yesterday to remind their guests to "keep their pantaloons (and tops!) on while in our park."

Yeah, it looks like some people were mistaking this fine stretch of the gulf as a nudist park.

The Facebook post would go on to say that there have been a couple of incidents recently where guests were allegedly involved in some inappropriate activities in one of the bathhouses.

It was also reported that a couple of guests were on the beach in "their birthday suits."

The post said that, "We ain't down with that kind of stuff here...If you'd like to frolic au naturale, there's a nudist park on the northshore."

Oh, people and their ways. Visit Grand Isle y'all, just keep your clothes on please.

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