Now that Hurricane Ida has left her devastating mark on southeastern Louisiana, it's time for us to assess the damages and begin to pick up the pieces.

One major step in assessing those damages is to see exactly what we're dealing with and earlier today, the U.S. Coast Guard did a flyover near Grand Isle and the destruction was simply unbelievable.

Aircrews conducted what the Coast Guard described as "critical post-storm overflight search and rescue" efforts over areas impacted by Hurricane Ida.

The good news is that during one of the flyovers, authorities were able to get a thumbs up from some of the residents who were trapped.

Louisiana Congressman Garret Graves said that after flying over the disaster, the scenes we are seeing on social media are still live emergencies and should be treated as such. Graves said the water and wind damage was the "worst he has ever seen."

Overhead views show an idea of a before and after shot of Grand Isle.

As search and rescue efforts continue, authorities are working to get everyone taken care of. In the meantime, say a prayer for those in Grand Isle as well as all of those affected by Hurricane Ida.

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