While much of Grand Isle was destroyed by Hurricane Ida, one local business was able to recover a piece of home.

Hurricane Hole Marina & Resort describes their business as your one-stop shop for resort life in Louisiana and the Jewel of Grand Isle. Located at 1851 Highway 1, Hurricane Hole aims to give its customers the island life without leaving Louisiana" with offerings that include luxury pools, a kid's splash pad, beach access, marina slips, along with its resort-style hotel, restaurant & bar.

Like most of the businesses in Grand Isle, Hurricane Hole has been doing its best to recover from Ida's devastation.

On August 31, Hurricane Hole announced they were closed indefinitely.

At the time, the crew at Hurricane Hole didn't know when they would even be allowed to enter the island let alone begin to assess the damage to their resort. But they vowed to salvage what they could, repair their marina, and overcome the devastation from Ida.

What I do know is that WE WILL prevail. We will overcome and we will be together again! Hurricane Hole was my home and Mother Nature took that from me. But what she cannot take are the memories, the friendships, the bonds, the laughter, and the family made there. I cherish and appreciate each path crossed from the moment we stepped foot in the marina. The Hurricane Hole Marina welcomed me and welcomes EVERYONE with open arms. After you’ve visited us one time, you have instantly become family! I don’t know when we will be together again, but i promise that we will. We look forward to the day our marina is full of boats and happy faces again. We love you all!!! Thank you for the prayers. We’ll be back 💔 God Speed

A few weeks later, Hurricane Hole began to share their progress.

Little by little, their post-Ida rebuilding efforts began to take shape.

Then, Hurricane Hole got a sign. Literally—someone reached out to them to let them know that their sign that was lost during Hurricane Ida had been found.

To put into perspective how insane Hurricane Ida was for businesses and residents of Grand Isle, the sign that originally hung at the Hurricane Hole was found nearly 30 miles north of the resort's original location.

Hurricane Hole says they are looking forward to getting the sign from @trace_caulfield as a "special reminder" of what they've endured to bounce back after the strongest storm to ever hit Grand Isle.

Got this picture from @trace_caulfield! He found it almost 30 miles North of us! So crazy. We are looking forward to getting it back soon. This will be such a special piece for us. Once we recover, it will be a special reminder of how strong we are and how the strongest storm to ever hit us, could not keep us down!!! #GrandIsleStrong

Here's to Hurricane Hole and their recovery along with everyone in the Grand Isle and SELA area. We hope to visit you all soon!

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