A video has been posted showing Darren Sproles's daughter smoking her opponents on the football field.

As you recall, Darren Sproles was a fan favorite when he was with the Saints in New Orleans.  According to Wikipedia, he came to the Saints as a free agent in 2011 and, in that same season, broke the NFL record for most single-season yardage: 2,696.  He also set personal records with a total of 603 rushing yards and 710 receiving yards with a total of 9 touchdowns.

Darren Sproles is also the first player in the NFL to achieve over 2,200 yards in 4 different seasons. As of this post, he is ranked 5th in career all-purpose yards in NFL history with 19,696. 

Why am I telling you all this? Just to show how much athletic ability Sproles has. Now, with that being said, let's take a look at genetics in action!

The Saints posted the following video on Instagram of Darren Sproles's daughter, Devyn, setting fire to the football field:

Devyn accomplished several things here:

  • she controlled what looked to be a slightly errant snap
  • she evades a few opponents while heading to the sideline
  • she finds a rail and shoots straight up, smoking the defense
  • she makes Darren Sproles one proud Dad!

In the video, you can hear "Let's go, Dev". And seconds later, when she turns it on, you can hear, "GO!  GO! GO!", and then a man giggling, just like a proud dad would, as Dev sprints into the end zone.

Devyn is, obviously, a chip off the old block: watch some highlights of Sproles's 2011 record-setting season with the New Orleans Saints.


Will women be allowed to play in the NFL someday? If so, I would hope that it's at a time that Devyn is eligible.

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