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Uncertainty surrounds us right now as a nation from the coronavirus pandemic to the police brutality situation with the brutal and senseless murder of an innocent man in George Floyd.

Monday was the first time we really heard from the Saints and Pelicans as a whole and the statement came from the very top from Mrs. Gayle Benson herself.

Here's what she had to say via Amie Just a New Orleans Saints Reporter for Nola News on Twitter:

As Just says, it's a lot to unpack with what Benson had to say but bringing together Demario Davis (LB-Saints), Lonzo Ball (PG-Pelicans), and JJ Redick (SG-Pelicans) to discuss the next steps the two organizations should take was a great start.

She mentions the work Demario Davis has done with his social justice reform projects so he's definitely the right place to start as they've formed the Social Justice Leadership Coalition. It'll be interesting to see which other players get involved, as she said all of the players from each organization are welcome to contribute.

Actions truly speak louder than words especially during a time like this where something needs to change. Acknowledging that there is a problem is a good start but instituting true change is the key, how do we do that? That's something we're all going to have to figure out together.

However, it is good to hear the strong, united front that Benson presents in her statement and look forward to seeing what the results of this new Coalition will produce for the New Orleans area.


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