After reports have been looming regarding Sean Payton's future as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, the owner of the franchise has spoken on the prospects of the tenured coach's return. See Mrs. Gayle Benson's response to the idea of Payton's departure plus the reactions from the #WhoDatNation and others on social media here.

Twitter via @SeanFazendeFOX8
Twitter via @SeanFazendeFOX8

Reports from NFL insiders have recently sparked speculation across the football landscape that Sean Payton may not necessarily be right back into his place as the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. With members of the #WhoDatNation keeping a close eye on the situation, as well as fans of franchises that have had disappointing seasons, some reports say that Payton has actually been back in the building.

This, of course, is not the first time that post-season rumors have involved the potential departure of Sean Payton. All of those reports eventually was snuffed out when the long-time coach showed back up to work at the Superdome as he has done for so many years.

New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara has been poking some fun at these reports on social media with some speculation of his own.

But as players of Payton's seem to lack any semblance of panic regarding their coach's future, what does the owner of the Saints franchise have to say?

Gayle Benson Speaks on Sean Payton's Future with the Saints

Check out Mrs. Benson's response to being asked about Sean Payton's future with the team via @SeanFazendeFOX8 on Twitter below.

"He'll let us know soon enough", was the answer given by Benson. The franchise owner laughed a bit as she begged the question, "Who knows?". The demeanor in her response could mean a couple of different things, but here is what folks on social media thought about the statement.

While some say that Sean Payton could be playing coy in order to get a bigger contract, others thing that Benson laughing off the question shows she is not concerned in the slightest. Others are looking a bit further into Benson's response, saying that the owner appears nervous as she answers the reporters question.

The only clear thing we can take from Mrs. Benson's statement is that there is a level of uncertainty regarding Payton returning next season. The longtime coach certainly has options, but his past 16 years with the team have brought about significant success to the New Orleans Saints. If for some reason Sean Payton did not return to coach the Saints next year, he would be remembered as the greatest coach in the franchise's history.

My expectation is that Coach Payton will in fact be with the team next season. He has had more autonomy than just about any NFL coach while working under the Benson's and unless he is just exhausted from all of the years of working, I cannot foresee Sean Payton being anywhere else but on the Saints' sideline.

Check out a full report on the latest concerning Coach Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints via @RapSheet on Twitter.

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