So many things looked different in 2020 and this year, but what hasn't changed is that people in Acadiana still want to help each other out when needed.

Miles Perret Cancer Services Center has been helping families with cancer for decades, and they are such an important part of our community. Since opening June 27, 2002, MPCS has helped over 16,000 families in Acadiana, and one of their biggest fundraisers each year is the Games of Acadiana. And this year marked the return of Acadiana's Ultimate Scavenger HuntGames Across Acadiana. The event was held from July 31st through August 13th, and on Saturday, August 21st the winners for over 50 fabulous prizes, including the grand prize of $10,000, will be announced on the Miles Perret Facebook page at 10:00 AM CST.

Groups who participated with the most points are below, but you can check out points earned for all the teams on the official Scavenger Hunt leaderboard:

  • The Tricky Trahans - 462,850 points
  • Burreaux's Funbunch - 437,050 points
  • #teammel - 423,750 points
  • 3 J's 2 M's, and an L - 420,650 points
  • Socializing - 381,150 points

Thanks to everyone who participated, and you can see a recap of the 2021 event in the video below.


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