One of the hardest things about going through the coronavirus pandemic last year was that so many of our favorite traditions and benefits were forced to cancel, or at the very least, scale back. It was a huge blow to charities that rely on the help and generosity of the public, and so many are scrambling to get back to normal, and to putting their best effort forward again to help

The Miles Perret Cancer Services Center has been helping local families who have been affected by cancer for decades. Since opening June 27, 2002, MPCS has helped over 16,000 families in Acadiana, and one of their biggest fundraisers is the Games of Acadiana. And this year will mark the return of Acadiana's Ultimate Scavenger Hunt, Games Across Acadiana.

According to an official press release "This two-week scavenger hunt will feature over 50 missions and activities for the whole family. Players can download a free app, perform fun tasks, and earn points for a chance to be entered into a raffle for fabulous prizes including a Grand Prize of $10,000!"

The event will be held from July 31st through August 13th, and is open to anyone who wants to support the Center. Even though the hunt is free, entries may also be purchased for $20 each at The game will be available for play on July 31st at 8 am., and the drawing will be held on August 21st live on MPCS' Facebook. For more information on the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt, check the MPCS website, or see the video tutorial from last year below.


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