Plastic wrap, Saran Wrap, cling wrap, I don't care what you call it I call it a pain in the butt. Of all of the more useful household food saving devices at our disposal here in America, I'd have to say plastic wrap is my least favorite.


The reason is quite simple. It's easier to juggle wet cats than it is to get that stuff off the roll and on to the food or container I want to put it on. By design, the stuff is supposed to be clingy. That way it provides an "airtight" seal to preserve the freshness of the contents you're covering.

That same design also makes handling the darn stuff nearly impossible for those of us with fat fingers and poorly developed fine motor skills, also known as men. Now, there are some people who can grab the plastic wrap, peel it off the roll, and apply properly with no hitches, gaffes, or meltdowns. I am not one of those people.

I am more along the lines of Family Guy's Peter Griffin:

You see what I mean by fat fingers and lack of fine motor skills right?

Well, apparently my issue and perhaps your issue with plastic wrap can be solved by making one significant change in how we use it. Actually, the change is where we store it. I store my plastic wrap in a kitchen cabinet. But if I want to achieve plastic wrap nirvana, I have to change where I store the stuff and maybe you should too.

The lovely lady with the "not quite Southern accent" in this viral video from Tik Tok explains that where you store your plastic wrap makes all the difference in how easy it is to use your plastic wrap.

She says she got the hack from her Grandmother who told her to put the plastic wrap in the freezer. Yeah, the whole darn box. And by looking at the video it must work. I have never seen plastic wrap behave like that. Usually, I wind up throwing more of the stuff away than what I actually use or I can't make the stuff cover the container I need so I opt for aluminium foil.

Granted it is possible to make plastic wrap behave without the freezer, but you'd have to be a Ninja. Or at least this guy who struggled with the plastic wrap conundrum for years.


Me, I don't want to work that hard or think that hard when I am wrapping up a hamburger no one wanted or trying to keep the salad in my bowl from going brown like bananas in a matter of minutes.

Oh sure I could use my Tupperware but then I'd have to figure out where all the lids are that match the containers I have. Maybe someone could come up with a hack that solves that whole mismatched lid and container issue too. That would be helpful.

Meanwhile, in other storage news and hacks, we've got these that actually do work when you can't get the pickle jar open.

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