Stumped on what to be for Halloween this year? You can take a cue from these celebs, or you can go all out and transform yourself into Sexy Olaf.

That's right: In an attempt to sex up the most ridiculous costumes you could ever possibly think of (we're talking things like sexy ear of corn and sexy slice of pizza), the good Halloween costumers at have imagined a sexy version of 'Frozen's' Olaf the snowman, just in time to scare the bejesus out of kids for Halloween 2014.

Though the site refers to the come-hither getup as the 'Sultry Snow Darling' or 'Funny Snowman' costume, it is clearly a take on the 'Frozen' funnyman, right down to his big black buttons, twig arms and cartoonish carrot nose. The outfit retails for $36.95, which is pretty much a steal, considering that sexy ear of corn costume we mentioned above goes for about $60.

And just in case Sexy Olaf doesn't tickle your fancy, you can also go for a Sexy Elsa or Sexy Anna, though those costumes are more than $80 a piece. (And yes, you read that correctly.)

Peep the sexy snowman costume above, and check out 'Ice Girl' and 'Norwegian Maiden' below. (No word yet on Sexy Sven.)

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