Anyone who has been a conscious consumer of any type of media within the past year is undoubtedly aware of the immensely popular animated Disney film ‘Frozen.’ Even if you have yet to see the movie, it is near impossible to escape the film's most popular song, ‘Let It Go.’ Considering there are at least 10,000 parodies and covers of the track on the Internet, it’s probably safe to assume the majority of people with working wi-fi could at least hum the melody.

Hyperbole aside, ‘Frozen’ has come to be the highest-grossing film in its genre, generating over $1.27 billion worldwide, a feat not lost on director Jennifer Lee. Also not lost on Jennifer is the incredible staying power of the film and its songs. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on who you’re talking to.

Jennifer told the Hollywood Reporter, "A year ago, I'd meet people who, when they found out who I was, they'd say, 'Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time.' Now they're like, 'Yep, we're still listening to those songs.' I've gone from 'Thank you' to 'Sorry!’"

As with anything that permeates the interest of the general population, it's not much of a surprise that we're over-saturated with 'Frozen'-themed everything, but considering the movie's unique message of sisterly love and the strength of its female characters, we just can't see it as a bad thing.

Think You Know ‘Frozen’? Test Your Knowledge!

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