Nothing is sacred or safe these days, but there is one website that is taking things too far. Your personal information is available 24/7. In many cases, even pictures of where you live.

The website is All someone has to do is type in your name to find out a mound of your personal information such as cell number, home address, age, relatives, all property you own(ed) (including pictures), where you work and more.

I tried it myself and the information revealed was accurate and shocking. The website even displayed the address of a private post office box of mine. It was frightening. In under 15 seconds, the website displayed my cell number, pictures of current and past properties, the names of my children and relatives, even the name and address of my ex inlaws in Virginia.

Enter your name, find out what personal information this invasive website reveals about you and your family.

Below is just one of many websites that CLAIM to remove your personal information from from sites like I tried it and the "free" way did not work. Of course, they do offer an alternate way for your information to be removed for a fee. is one of the more popular free websites that display personal information about you and your family but it's certainly not the only one. Unfortunately, we live in a world where privacy is a thing of the past.

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