Is "Getting Back in Shape" on your New Year's Resolution list? If so, someone in Acadiana has an opportunity for you.

On a post to the Reddit website, someone in Acadiana mentioned that they are giving away their elliptical.


Granted, the elliptical is an early model and needs a little work, but for someone with a little mechanical know-how, it will probably be an easy fix. Yes, I know that a basic elliptical can be found at the big-box stores for around $100. Yes, I know that this one is used. I also know that the more we can "upcycle" items, the better off our kids will be in the future. And no, the picture at the top of this story is NOT the elliptical in question (it's a stock photo).

I'm just spreading the word, hoping that the person who needs one can benefit from this post!

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