With students not able to attend school during the coronavirus pandemic, many schools have been using Facebook, websites, and apps to communicate and stay connected to their students.  In Crowley, Fr. Brent Smith at St. Michael Catholic School does storytime and a craft time for the children. This is something the children, as well as the parents, really look forward to. I asked Fr. Brent if I could share a couple of his craft videos so other families could join in. It may be the perfect thing to do today on Easter Sunday after you dye your eggs.

Fr. Brent Smith, Facebook
Fr. Brent Smith, Facebook

Fr. Brent Smith has been appointed as the new pastor of St. Joseph’s Church in Rayne and will begin his new term on Monday, April 27th. St. Michael Church in Crowley will miss Fr. Brent. He brings much laughter, happiness, kindness, and compassion to everyone. It’s no surprise that before entering the seminary, he was a nurse practitioner taking care of others.

Have a little fun with the kiddos with these cute crafts as Fr. Brent takes them through the steps. You and your little one can make a bunny and a dove with these videos.


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