Last week, the general manager of KTDY and six other Lafayette radio stations, handed out gift cards for Christmas to everyone in the building.  Soon after he did that, he went back to his office and sent out a YouTube video with a note that said, "Here is my Christmas present to all of you".  I thought the gift card was this year's Christmas gift to all of us, boy was I wrong.  Mike Grimsley had sent out a video that moved me so much, I immediately sent it to both my kids with a note that read, "Mr. Mike just sent out this video to everyone.  It is the key to life.  Please watch it."  You must watch this video and you must have everyone important to you do the same.

This video is of the 2015 Commencement Address at Franciscan University of Steubenville delivered by Lou Holtz, former NCAA football coach and former ESPN analyst. Holtz received an honorary doctorate in Communications. The class of 2015 was the fourth-largest in University history.

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