A high school football coach in Mississippi ended up bloodied and bruised after he engaged in an altercation in the stands at a recent game. Video of the former LSU Tigers strength coach shows him shouting back and forth with another man and eventually, exchanging blows.

"I'll whip you a**!" "Come on out to the parking lot and whip my a** then!"

Facebook via Kortney ShyAnn Hudson
Facebook via Kortney ShyAnn Hudson

Those were the last words spoken between two men who got in an altercation at a Mississippi high school football game. It all happened in the stands in the midt=st of many spectators.

Reports say that head coach of the Heidelberg football team Jimbo Nowell was the man who ended up being bloodied in the brawl. While Nowell has reportedly found recent success with his team winning a district title, his efforts at this game were anything but successful.


According to LSU Sports, Nowell spent time in Baton Rouge starting in the year 2000 where he served as a strength and conditioning coach for both the baseball and football programs. Other reports say that the coach also had stints with West Virginia, Mississippi State, and Western Kentucky.

Now that Nowell is reportedly back coaching in the world of high school football, he was apparently at this game doing some scouting.


But very little scouting can be accomplished when you're arguing in the stands with spectators. It was a situation that got out of hand quickly, but thankfully security was quick to act and got to the skirmish before anyone nearby could apparently get hurt.

This is not the first time Nowell has gotten himself into some trouble, as reports say that back in 2015 the coach was investigated by police after a Harassing and Bullying Phone Usage charge was brought upon him by a teacher.


Mississippi High School Football Coach Gets in Fight in Stands

See the video of the incident shared on Facebook by Kortney ShyAnne Hudson here.

It is certainly a disturbing scene as you can see young children in the immediate area of the skirmish.

An edit of the video with music in the background was also shared on Facebook by Mississippi Hot Topics and it shows the bloodied coach being escorted down the stands by security.

Another angle of the fight and a still shot of the aftermath of the incident can be seen here.

The coach was subsequently escorted out of the game by security. There are currently no reports regarding an arrest in the incident, but we will be sure to update this story if any fallout comes.

While it seems as though only the coach was injured in the fisticuffs, let's hope that no other damage was done at this youth sporting event.

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