Proponents of medical marijuana have long been advocating the drug's ability to help cancer patients deal with the pain of their disease and the discomfort of treatment. Apparently one such patient who turned to the comforting properties of the drug was former Louisiana Governor, the late Kathleen Blanco.

It has been reported that Blanco's family asked for and received a prescription for medical marijuana on August 6th. Blanco was reportedly in great pain brought on by ocular melanoma.

The story, reported in the Advocate, says that Blanco was prescribed a combination of medical marijuana and methadone. That combination of medicines not only improved Blanco's discomfort but according to her family helped to extend her life with quality.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Louisiana since the 1970s. However, legislation was just passed and enacted this year that allowed for the manufacture and distribution of the drug legally within the state.

Former Governor Blanco died August 18th.


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