LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) - A major name in Louisiana politics returns to the stage as the daughter of the late Governor Kathleen Blanco, Monique Blanco Boulet, announced a bid for Mayor-President on Thursday.

While the former governor was a Democrat, however, Boulet is running as a Republican, challenging incumbent Republican Josh Guillory and another Republican challenger, Jan Swift.

In a statement released on Thursday, Boulet called for change in leadership in Lafayette.

"We are at an important crossroads in Lafayette Parish," she said. "It's time for honest, effective leadership. Our families deserve better, and they will receive better. It is time for a change."

Kathleen Blanco
Former Governor Kathleen Blanco (Credit: KATC)

You can see her full statement below.

She has also launched a campaign website.

Guillory is wrapping up his first term as Mayor-President but has faced fierce criticism and even lawsuits over controversial policies and projects. Those controversies include development projects involving spoil banks and lawsuits regarding development on private land, as well as a policy to charge media outlets for printed copies of government records.

Swift is described as an "attorney and podcast host" but likewise wants to see a change in Lafayette Consolidated Government.

“I am an attorney that understands how to follow the rules and I have a family that’s supporting me," she said in her announcement. "I have been a part of this community for 40 years, and my heart is with each and every family, to see them have the best opportunities they can in our community, in Lafayette.”

Full Press Release

LAFAYETTE, LA — Monique Blanco Boulet (R-Lafayette) addressed supporters in a written statement announcing her candidacy for Lafayette Parish Mayor-President. Her statement is as follows:

"Today, I am excited to announce I will be a candidate for Lafayette Parish Mayor-President.

As CEO of the Acadiana Planning Commission, for the past seven years, I have worked closely with local, state, and federal officials to bring over $250 million in new infrastructure and business investment to Acadiana. Building coalitions to address critical needs, establishing credibility and trust across our communities, and bringing diverse voices together to make important decisions have been the hallmarks of my time at APC. My record shows I get things done without sacrificing integrity and real transparency to protect taxpayer dollars.

We are at an important crossroads in Lafayette Parish. It's time for honest, effective leadership. Our families deserve better, and they will receive better. It is time for a change.

I will be announcing an official campaign kickoff event in the near future. Between now and then, I look forward to visiting with many of you and learning more about your concerns, needs, and hopes for the future of Lafayette Parish.

Please join my family and me as we begin this journey. I promise to work hard for you every day because I share your love for Lafayette, for Acadiana, and for Louisiana. More importantly, I share your vision for what we can be. Thank you for your consideration and support."

The general election for Lafayette Parish Mayor-President will be held on October 14, 2023.

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