Owners of Ford vehicles in 7 states have signed on to a suit against Ford motor Company. They're seeking class action status. The suit  alleges the automaker used an inferior design for lug nuts on several models, including Escape, Fusion, F-150, F-350, Flex, and Focus. Automotive News reports, the suit filed by Hagens Berman, accuses Ford of using a design that disintegrates, making it nearly impossible to change a flat tire without going to  a repair shop.

"At best this defect leads to consumers paying more than $30 per wheel at a repair shop just to get their tire off, and then have to buy new lug nuts. At worst, Ford owners could quickly end up in an emergency situation on a busy roadway, stranded with a flat tire and no way to change it."  - Steve Berman, managing partner, Hagens Berman.

Ford representatives declined comment.

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