Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 - 12, and here are 5 ways to thank our teachers for their hard work and dedication.

Teachers often get gifts like coffee mugs, gift sets, and baked goods for Teacher Appreciation Week. These aren't bad gifts at all, but they aren't the most practical, either. Here are 5 gift ideas suggested by KTDY listeners who are also teachers.

  • iStockphoto, Thinkstock
    iStockphoto, Thinkstock

    Prepaid Gift Cards

    Teaching isn't one of the highest - paid professions, and like us, teachers can use any help they can get to make ends meet. You don't have to finance a summer vacation to Disney World for their families, just give what you can. A prepaid Visa gift card in any amount will go a long way to helping teachers take care of their own children and families and treat themselves for a change.

  • Bloomberg via Getty Images
    Bloomberg via Getty Images

    Buy Items On A Teacher's Amazon Checklist

    It can be easy to forget that those school supply drives we donate to at the beginning of the school year only really cover the first semester. Teachers usually have to buy more tissue, hand sanitizer, pencils, and paper for their classrooms before Christmas break. A great way to help teachers stock their classrooms year round is by supporting their Amazon classroom checklist. Click here for a list of checklists we accumulated earlier this year and be sure to ask teachers if they have a checklist you can buy from.

  • Crawfish boil (Photo by John Falcon)
    Crawfish boil (Photo by John Falcon)

    Buy Or Make Them Lunch Or Dinner

    If you know your child or teacher's children well enough, you can invite them over to your house for dinner or get together with other parents to cook a meal for multiple teachers. A crawfish boil or BBQ would be a great way to thank teachers for all they do. If this isn't an option, you can always have your child or children find out what their teacher's favorite restaurant is and get them a gift card.

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    Spa or beauty treatments

    Teachers have told me that one of the hardest part of the job is standing most of the day. A massage or other beauty treatment would be a great gift to help them relax and enjoy their summer. Since spa treatments can be pricey, you can team up with other parents to buy them for teachers who might appreciate them.

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    A Heartfelt Letter Written On Actual Paper

    The most profound gift is often the simplest. A teacher told us on our KTDY Facebook page that they have enjoyed receiving heartfelt thank you letters written on actual paper. This will cost you virtually nothing to do but will show the teachers in your life that you appreciate all they do for your kids and

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