There's an old saying that the streets in Lafayette were laid out by a blind man riding a drunk mule. It sometimes seems there's no rhyme nor reason to the city's layout. Keep in mind, it was  a tiny little town before the oil boom of the 1970's. Ashley Moran of the Lafayette Planning commission recently explained some things that may surprise you on a visit to KADN News 15.

#1 The sometimes seemingly random layout of Lafayette city streets is largely because the Vermilion River is in the way.

#2 Road construction isn't done by city parish government. Private contractors do it. Government takes over maintenance upon their completion.

#3 Lafayette has an exceptionally advanced city bus system, with free WiFfi, and the capability to track bus route in real time.

#4 Lafayette traffic is worst on Friday afternoon. Classes at UL end early on Friday, and many business, such as medical offices, close at noon.

#5 Most cities have traffic engineers monitoring peak traffic hours. It's peak traffic half hours in Lafayette, because time of peak congestion are shorter lived.

Here's a tip. If you're on Pinhook, going through the oil center area, stay in the outside lane. Trust me!

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