(KFDX) A firefighter in Wichita Falls, Texas is currently battling COVID-19 in a local hospital. His wife, family and friends have not been allowed to see him. His family asking for prayers. His wife has been an emotional wreck, as you can imagine. Just one of the reasons his fellow firefighters decided they needed to do something very special.

Firefighters at WWFD station supported their fellow firefighter and his family by taking a ladder truck to the hospital and lifting up the COVID-19 patient's wife up to his window.

According to Fire Chief Ken Prillaman, the gesture of his fellow firefighters meant the world to the unidentified firefighter's wife and family.

She was overwhelmed with the amount of support and this is one of those things that we talk about, supporting each other. But when it comes down to it, it's a bit surreal. These guys are incredible about supporting each other and their families. -Wichita Falls Fire Chief Ken Prillaman

Firefighters, like many first responders, are amazing people. They are caring, loving people who are usually rushing into places and situations when everyone else is running away. Their love for mankind is only magnified when they end their workday and return home to their families.

There is no greater testament to this, than with widowed firefighter Keith Young from New York. He recently lost his battle to a 9/11 related cancer leaving behind his three children. Young, an entrepreneur, invented what is called the "Cup Board Pro". His three children took it to Shark Tank after his death to pitch it to the panel. The children used a video that their father made before his passing.

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