The State Fire Marshal has arrested a Richland Parish volunteer firefighter in connection with a mobile home fire that injured his medically disabled wife.

Kenneth Fulford was booked into parish prison on multiple offenses. State Fire Marshal spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue addressed the incident.

“When Mr. Fulford discovered the fire, instead of assisting his medically disabled wife, he tried to guide her out verbally. She was injured in the fire in her attempt to escape on her own.”

Fulford was additionally charged with Aggravated Cruelty to animals.

“However, in this fire, unfortunately… his wife’s service dog was also killed, and as the investigation progressed, Fulford confessed to having set the fire.”

Fulford is also a Richland Parish volunteer fire-fighter himself. Rodrigue says it’s unfortunate one of their own was charged.

“But when a crime is alleged we will investigate it thoroughly… regardless of who it involved or who is suspected.”

More charges maybe pending.

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