Got an old 1st, 3rd, or maybe 5th generation iPod or iPod Touch? Fire em up because they could be worth a nice pile of money!

iPod Value
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Apple iPod Value

Yesterday (05/10/22) Apple announced the discontinuation of the final remaining style of the iPod, the 7th generation iPod Touch.

Apple launched the iPod in 2001 and subsequently changed the way the world listens to music ever since.

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"The move completes Apple's shuttering of the iPod brand that began with the discontinuation of the iPod Classic in 2014. According to Engadget, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were subsequently dropped in 2017. The iPod Touch hasn't been updated since 2019, and not thoroughly, regarding its interface, since 2012."

Greg Joswiak, VP of worldwide marketing for Apple, announced in a statement on Tuesday, May, 10 that the company has made its last iPod Touch, the only MP3 player the company still had in production.

So, now that iPods are officially old news, are they worth anything?

Actually, yes. Some of them are worth big money.

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iPod eBay Prices

Even before Apple made its announcement yesterday, there were a few generations of the iPod and iPod Touch bringing in thousands on eBay.

Obviously, something is only worth what someone will actually pay for it. Condition, generation, and functionality are also big factors when it comes to value.

However, when all of those things come together it can make for a fun payday.

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"Yesterday, an iPod Classic 5GB 1st Gen sold on eBay for $1,599 with an additional $114.60 shipping - a 330 percent increase on the original price!"

The iPod 5G 1st Gen originally sold for $399 in 2001.

iPod Mini Value

The iPod Mini is only currently selling for about $100 more than it sold for new in 2004, bringing in $325 on the higher end.

But, that could change as collectors start snatching up any kind of iPods they can get their hands on.

iPod Shuffle Value

As of the time of this story, iPod Shuffles are selling on eBay for roughly $200.

Again, this is likely to change as they get scarce.

iPod Nano Value

According to, 2nd Gen iPod Nanos are selling on eBay for up to $400.

Not bad considering when they were released in 2005 they sold new for $150.

iPod Touch Value

This is one you definitely want to locate.

In March of this year (2022) a 4th Gen iPod 8g Touch sold for $6,524. Reportedly, a 6th Gen iPod Touch sold for $3,470.

Apple 1st Generation iPod

The going rate for a used 1st Gen 2001 iPod starts at around $500 in "decent" or refurbished condition right now on eBay.

The better the condition the higher the price.

If you're lucky enough to have one of these unopened in the box, congratulations.

iPod 1st Gen eBay
eBay Via lincolnfootwear

That's right. $30 thousand!

In the world of collecting, value can change day-to-day, but with iPods no longer being made there's no telling how crazy the prices could get.


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