Why do people still fist-fight? I tried to find an answer online, and most of the results were fluff pieces from men's magazines.

Mardi Gras is supposed to be a fun, family event. Kids catching beads, adults hanging out with friends and family, cooking, visiting and for some, yes, drinking.

I think that last part (drinking) probably attributes to some of the fighting that goes on at these events, but come on, guys: do you want your children to learn to get into altercations to resolve issues? I don't have kids, but if I did, I would want this: I would want them to not only know how to defend themselves, but to know when to walk away from a situation before it escalates.

For example, Richard Comeaux posted the video below from the Lafayette parade route. (NOTE: NSFW language/violence)


Kudos, by the way, to the police for handling the situation. Now, I don't know what led up to the fight, but why didn't one of the guys just walk away?  What? Walking away isn't "manly"? If that is what you think, then maybe you are part of the problem. Being the bigger person, in my opinion, is always manlier than resorting to violence.  Do you know who wins a fight? The person who has more stamina, skill or luck; winning a fist-fight is never about who is right or wrong. If you are the party who is "wrong" in the situation that led up to the fight, but you win the fist fight, you are still wrong.  If you are party who is "right" and you lose the fight, you are still right, but now you are injured.

My point is this: walk away. Did he call your girlfriend a name? Laugh it off, know he is a lesser person, and walk away. Did he bump into you and make you spill your beer? Don't react, just walk away. Remember, if you are secure in your "honor", you'll never have to defend it. You don't now him, he doesn't know you, so what difference does it make?

Look at this one (from April Cates).  Again, I don't know what started the fight, but is this really necessary? One of the men in this fight appears to have suffered a fairly severe head injury, and appears to be unconscious. (NOTE: NSFW language/violence)

I feel sorry for these people.

Just walk away.


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