Festival International de Louisiane has released a statement regarding the coronavirus, sharing their "thoughts and position" about the situation.

Scott Feehan, Executive Director of Festival International de Louisiane, said in the statement that festival officials are monitoring the CDC and Louisiana Department of Health websites, and will take any actions recommended.

In part, the statement reads:

There is not currently any eminent threat associated with the planning of Festival International de Louisiane. Because of this, we are continuing to plan for our annual festival to take place just as it does every year.  - Festival International

They go on to say that, though cautious, they are "optimistic" in thinking that the threat of the virus will subside by the end of April.

They end the statement saying that they will continue to "monitor the situation" and continue to plan for the event as usual.

Freehan goes on to say that if there are any changes, Festival officials will keep the public updated.


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