Festival International de Louisiane is set to release its full lineup for the 2022 festival this Saturday, February 19, 2022, at their reveal party. However, like all good things they made a surprise announcement today! They have released the name of one band that will be performing during festival weekend.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo


This band has been to festival and to the Lafayette area several times and always draws a huge crowd. I have seen this band perform at least three times and I can’t wait to see them again this year.

It was announced that The Wailers, from Jamaica, will headline at Festival in April.

"Not many bands can claim genuine legend status. The Wailers comfortably claim their place in essential music history. Their music was, and is, culture-defining: rebel hearts with brave souls embodying the spirit of 70s era-defining reggae, "Festival said.

It was also announced that a second band will also be performing at Festival, Cimafunk.

 "Cimafunk’s groove has captivated audiences from Havana and New York to Madrid and Paris, gaining massive international success", festival says.

We will keep you updated as the rest of the lineup for Festival is revealed. However, until then we will leave you with this little clip of The Wailers performing at Festival International de Louisiane.


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