What is the legal age at which a person can remove their clothes for money. That's the question that has got to be keeping Governor John Bel Edwards awake at night these days.

Forget the budget crisis, when high paid lobbyist seek to sway the opinions of our lawmakers will they be staring at teenagers or will they be looking at bodies that have been deemed old enough to drink?

On the outside that appears to be what the issue over the change in the age requirements appear to be about. They aren't. The issues are about a very serious issue called human trafficking. It's a vicious circle of what amounts to slavery that this change in age requirement could help curtail.

This bill that has been the subject of nationwide attention because of a poorly thought out "joke" by an allegedly esteemed member of the legislature now sits on Governor Edwards desk.  While the final draft of the legislation is now awaiting the Governor's decision, the controversy about Kenny Havard's less than scrupulous remarks have not.

Many of the female members of the legislature have called for Mr. Havard to apologize. Mr. Havard has chosen not to as of this writing. I think the biggest shame of all of this is that the fate of young women has been reduced to an argument as to whether a member of our legislature truly understands the plight of women in Louisiana.


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