With age comes wisdom. Like, say, having the wisdom to know how to dress.

A new survey of 2,000 British people has found that people should no longer wear jeans once they hit the age of 53.

Maybe that's because people realize they no longer have time to spend looking for jeans. The study also revealed consumers spend five days looking for the perfect pair. On average women will look for eight-and-a-half days, while men are more impatient at four days.

Other key findings that may make you do a double take:

  • 10% will try on at least six jeans while shopping
  • 24% say they have yet to find an ideal pair of jeans
  • 6% end up crying while trying to find great jeans
  • After buying jeans, most people wear jeans five times before washing them
  • Most people wait three years to buy new jeans, although 18% wait five years and 5% will only buy them every decade
  • 5% say they'd wear jeans to a job interview, wedding or funeral
  • The most popular type of jeans? Straight leg, which came in ahead of skinny jeans, boot cut, high waisted and, lastly, boyfriend style

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