One of the most memorable clothing brands from back in the day is getting revived.

Z Cavaricci is celebrating its 30th anniversary by reviving the brand with a limited edition collection of 500 women's pieces.

James Cavaricci founded the brand in 1982, but the high-waisted, plated and tapered style made its debut in 1987 and was an extremely popular staple of 90s fashion. Every young kid either had a pair, or wanted a pair—and they definitely weren't cheap.

Z Cavaricci
Z Cavaricci

The new limited edition run must have adjusted for inflation because pieces are priced between $225 and $245 but Cavaricci doesn't think that will stop anyone from jumping on his revamped brand.

I'm pretty confident that these will become collectibles immediately and we're really very excited to launch them. We already have plans in the works to expand the line into a men's and women's brand, bringing Z Cavaricci to a new audience which I hear is already called Generation Z.

Will you jump on this revival, or is it just a passing fad?

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