A 57-year-old Roanoke man was arrested after he allegedly tried running over pedestrians who were catching crawfish in a roadside ditch.

According to our media partners at KATC, deputies were called to LA Hwy. 26 and LA 1126 back on April 18, 2019, where they were provided a video of a vehicle driving on the shoulder of the roadway. According to Chief Deputy Christopher Ivey, the vehicle drove

near eleven pedestrians, including children, stated Ivey. The vehicle and driver had left the scene before deputies arrived.

After an investigation was completed an arrest warrant for Dwight J. Hollier was served yesterday (May 14) and the report from KATC reveals that Hollier owns a crawfish farm next to the ditches where the incident allegedly took place.

Hollier was arrested for aggravated assault but has since bonded out.

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