I think if you were building a memorial to Country Music you'd have to include Alan Jackson in that memorial in some way, shape, or form. His music helped power the resurgence of Country Music in the 90s and even today, his songs have stood the test of time.

In fact, over the weekend, I'd be willing to bet you heard Jackson's haunting tribute to those that were lost in the attacks of 9/11, Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) more than a few times. The song still sends chills down my spine.

But of all the things you'd think Alan Jackson would be famous for, the one thing that fans at his shows are clamoring to see, he very seldom does on purpose. But he does admit that he can do it at will.

Jackson said he got the talent from his father. You might recall Alan made "Daddy Gene" famous in his chart-topping smash, "Drive" a few years back. Alan said his Daddy could do this and he figures that's where he must have gotten the talent as well.

You've no doubt started to wonder, just what exactly is this talent that Alan Jackson has in addition to being able to write, record, and perform hit songs. Well, based on a story out of Glamour Magazine, Jackson shares the ability to perform this talent with roughly 10% or 20% of the population.

Those who study such phenomenon say that the ability to perform this talent is usually an inherited trait. So, maybe Alan was right, he got the talent from his Dad. However, there are some schools of thought that suggest it is possible to learn the talent as well.

Alan Jackson
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

So, what is this bizarre physical talent that Alan Jackson's fans are now obsessing over and screaming for him to do during his live shows? It's wiggling his ears. Yup, just like Bewitched could wiggle her nose, Alan Jackson can wiggle his ears.

Those who study ear wiggling say that of those who can perform the task only 18% of people can wiggle both ears while just over 20% of those with the talent can wiggle just one ear. All I know is that if you look in a mirror and attempt to wiggle your ears, you better hope you are looking alone because there is no way to look cool while wiggling your ears.

Alan's Country Records / EMI
Alan's Country Records / EMI

Unless you happen to be Alan Jackson, then you'll look cool doing just about anything except maybe climbing into a compact car. Because when you're legs are that long, those short seats don't leave a whole lot of room for ear wiggling or anything else.

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