One New Jersey family has an unusual tradition, they like to flip cakes for fun. If there is a cake around, Taylor Carney and her family must flip it and try to catch it. It's been a tradition in their family since 2018.

What they do is, they take a cake that's on a tray or in a pan and they flip it. Everyone in their family, young and old alike, takes part in this ritual. They toss a cake up in the air, make it spin, then try to catch it right side up.

Millions watch their videos online. At one time they were getting over 30 million views on TikTok in just two weeks. Over 5 million people follow this family on social media just to watch the next video of them flipping cakes.

Sheet cakes, pies, ice cream cakes, any cake is fair game with this New Jersey family.

What's your family's tradition? See more videos of this New Jersey family flipping cakes.

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